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Back To School – Get that Custom Fit Mouthguard Ordered Today and Protect Your Childs Smile

Are you busy getting uniforms and stationary ordered in time for your child to begin the new school year ?

Well dont forget to consider the sports that your child will be involved in and remember to order a Sports Mouthguard today then you know you are doing everything you can to protect that precious smile!

How often do you watch television and notice one of your sporting idols has lost or damaged teeth caused by sports injury to the face?

Unlike a bone the teeth do not heal and the consequences of an injury can be very expensive to rectify.

In the majority of cases damage to the teeth could have been prevented or dramatically reduced by wearing a custom fit mouthguard.

A mouthguard will help by reducing the force of the impact and spreading the impact over a larger area. Acting as a form of shock absorber in the mouth.

A Custom Fit Sports mouthguards can be made in a range of colours and can be fitted for Adults and Children even if fixed braces are worn.

A custom fit mouthguard costs just £49.00 a small price to pay to protect one of your most valuable assets . . your smile!

You will not get the same protection from a shop bought mouthguard which is why the British Dental Association, Rugby Football Union and England Hockey recommend only custom fit dental mouthguards should be worn.

Ring today and book an appointment to have your mouthguard made.

Enjoy your sport with the confidence of knowing you have done everything possible to protect yourself from unneccessary injury.


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