Dental implants have radically changed the way that modern dentistry is practised. It is now possible for missing teeth to be replaced with permanent results with a very high level of predictability and long term success.

Dental implants are basically titanium screws which are inserted into the bone of the jaw and these screws are then allowed to “integrate”- ie the bone grows into the implants holding them securely in place. The implants can then be used to hold anything from a single crown, if only 1 tooth is missing, to multiple crowns or bridges if the gaps are wider. They are also highly successful in supporting and retaining dentures giving people who struggle with loose and awkward dentures a far better level of comfort and function and dramatically improving their quality of life.

At Tavistock Drive Dental Care we work in close partnership with an experienced and highly skilled oral surgeon and excellent local dental technicians for all our implant cases.

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