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Toothache? Book Now

If you need to see a Dentist for that niggling toothache then you should book an appointment now.

Nobody wants to spend hours of their bank holiday at the walk in centre because they have been up all night with toothache.

Initial examination appointments last up to 40 minutes and we will always aim to get you out of pain at this appointment.

This will not be a permanent treatment as we cannot identify the extent of the problem until you have your full examination. Our aim is to make sure you get some relief from your symptoms whilst giving you all of the treatment options available as well as any estimate of cost.

We then allow you time to decide which option best suits you without any pressure to commit to the treatment until you are ready.

** Initial Examination costs £45.00 payable on booking. X Rays are charged at £12.00 each on the day and any temporary treatment is payable on the day.

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