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Tobacco and your Teeth.

Smoking can make you four times as likely to develop oral cancer and it is not just older adults that are affected.

Tobacco is also responsible for Bad Breath, Stained Teeth, Bone Loss, Shrinking Gums, Mouth Sores, Reduced sense of Taste and Smell and Poor Healing of Mouth Sores to name but a few.

Tobacco contains substances which are harmful to your body’s cells and tissues. Smokers have more calculus (hardened plaque) than non-smokers. A build up of calculus can lead to Periodontal Disease and the loss of teeth.

The Nicotine in Tobacco causes the narrowing of the blood vessels. The blood circulation has been shown to decease by up to 70% in your mouth whilst smoking a cigarette, and Tobacco smoking also affects your body’s immune system.

With these statistics in mind it is imperative that you visit a Dentist regularly for routine Examinations and Scale and Polish appointments.

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