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For people who snore – and their partners – the condition is no laughing matter. But relief is at hand with Therasnore, a revolutionary appliance that can eliminate snoring. This device is available at Tavistock Drive Dental Practice.

It is a simple mouthpiece that the snorer wears at night. It is fitted to the upper jaw, with a short ‘post’ holding the lower jaw forward, while still allowing it to move up and down and from side to side. This means that the discomfort associated with some other appliances is avoided.

Once in use the effect is immediate, and users and their partners experience increased energy levels after finally getting a good night’s sleep.

Snoring can put a huge pressure on relationships, with snorers and their partners frequently affected by tiredness and irritability.

So if you’re a snorer and want to protect your health and your partner, why not try it?

For further information contact us on 0115 9602717.

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