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Many people suffer from sensitive teeth which can mean anything from getting a slight twinge to having severe discomfort that can continue for several hours.

Sensitivity can start at any time and can be an early warning of a more serious dental problem.

Some causes of sensitivity may be:

Toothbrush abrasion – caused by brushing too hard
Dental erosion – a loss of tooth enamel caused by acidic food and drinks
Gum recession – gums can naturally recede exposing the roots of the tooth
Gum disease – where tartar and the build up of plaque cause gums to recede and can destroy the support of a tooth
Grinding your teeth – a habit which can damage the enamel of the tooth
A cracked tooth or filling

Using a sensitive toothpaste twice a day to brush your teeth may ease the pain of sensitive teeth.

If you would like more help or advice on sensitivity then contact the surgery and make an appointment to discuss this with your dentist.

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