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Fighting the build up of plaque is a constant battle.

Every time you eat or drink, the PH level in your saliva is changed causing an ‘acid attack’ which increases your risk of dental decay.  Along with food debris becoming trapped between the teeth, you can see problems could occur if teeth are not cleaned thoroughly.

Patients often only realise the seriousness of a problem when it is too late.  Many people ignore the visible signs of Plaque or Calculus on their teeth.  Even bleeding whilst brushing teeth fails to alert them that something is wrong because the initial stages of gum disease are usually painless!

Interdental cleaning is an important part of your Oral Hygiene routine and yet many adults ignore this very important step in maintaining good oral health.

In truth brushing alone is simply not enough!  Interdental aids such as dental floss and inter-dental brushes really help to keep your teeth in the best condition.

Effective cleaning to reduce plaque reduces the risk of developing gingivitis (the initial stage of gum disease).

Here at Tavistock Drive Dental Care we believe in preventative care where possible.  The dentists and hygienists work closely together to show you the best methods for keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

Call Tavistock Drive Dental Care on 0115 9602717 and book an appointment and ensure you keep your mouth healthy for years to come.

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