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Oral Health

Regular scaling and polishing by your dentist or hygienist helps to keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smile whiter.

Scaling removes any hard tartar (formed by the presense of saliva, debris, minerals and plaque in the mouth) which cannot be removed by brushing alone. Tartar forms in pockets between the teeth and gums and has a rough surface which stains far more easily than natural teeth.

Plaque is the visible deposit that builds upon the tooth surface both above and below the gum line which causes inflammation of the gums and if left untreated can lead to gum recession.

Polishing removes the staining from coffee, tea, cigarettes or red wine.

Visiting the dentist or hygienist regularly and following a daily cleaning plan can help you to keep your teeth into your old age.

Catching a problem before there is too much damage can only be achieved if you visit the dentist regularly.

Why not contact the surgery on 0115 9602717 and make an appointment prevention really is the best cure.

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