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Mouth Cancer Action Month November 2013

A vital part of your Dental Examination is mouth cancer screening which many patients do not even realise is being done!  The earlier mouth cancer can be detected the better your chances of survival.

People will often notice discolouration, sores, ulcers that dont seem to heal,or even lumps in their mouth but dont get them checked out. 

It is important that you have these checked if they havent completely dissappeared within 2 to 3 weeks.  It may not be anything but your Dentist is the best person to offer advice and the person that will refer you to a specialist for further investigation if necessary.

Dont take risks with your health visit your dentist today for your examination.

Did you know?

Approximately a fifth of the population in the uk smoke, and smoking is considered to be the leading of mouth cancer.

In the UK approximately 75% of oral cancers in men and 50% of oral cancers in women are caused by smoking*

Heavy Drinking can increase mouth cancer risks by four times*

Those who smoke and drink to excess are up to 30 times more likely to develop the disease*

Many people assume chewing tobacco is safer than smoking , but it is in actual fact much more dangerous than smoking 

The HPV virus transmitted via oral sex, is increasingly being linked to mouth cancer.

The Scary Facts and figures you need to know:

More people die as a result of mouth cancer than cervical cancer and testicular cancer combined*

The five year survival rate for mouth cancer patients is only 50%.  Early diagnosis gives patients a 90% chance of survival*

Mouth cancer is more likely to affect people over the age of 40, but an increasing number of young people are developing the condition*

50 years ago mouth cancer was five times more common in men than women, now it is only twice as common*

The possibility of mouth cancer remains high for 20 years or more after quitting smoking*







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