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Masseter Reduction Using Botox From September 2013

Tavistock Drive Dental Care are pleased to announce that this fantastic new treatment will be available at this surgery from September 2013.

Many females have a strong square jawline and want a treatment to give them a softer more feminine shape to their face.  Particularly in Asian females, Botox techniques which change the shape of the face from square to oval can achieve a more gentle appearance.

Using Botox jaw reduction techniques have revolutionised facial reshaping without undergoing painful surgery.

Botox is injected into the masseter muscles (muscles of the jaw) this can reduce the overall size of the masseter muscle reducing the width of the jawline to achieve a more oval or heart shaped face.

The initial treatment will consist of 2 or 3 appointments and most people do not need further treatment with botox unless they require further correction to their appearance.

Each Botox treatment to the masseter muscles is tailored to individual needs and this will be discussed at your initial consultation and review appointments.

Are you interested in having this treatment here? then call us today to book your initial consultation on 0115 9602717.

With prices starting from £250.00 this treatment will make a dramatic difference to your appearance without painful surgery and expense.

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