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If you ring to book a one off appointment with our hygienists  for a clean, we will ask when you last saw a dentist?  If it is more than 1 year we will advise you to see the dentist first.

Our hygienists work closely with the dentists in order to give  effective all round prevention and maintainance to our registered patients, we do not offer a one off clean without seeing the dentist first.

It is our policy to ensure patients attend for regular examinations, which include oral cancer checks.  These patients may then see our hygienists who will work closely with the patient to achieve optimum oral hygiene.  They give guidance and help on the best way to maintain a clean mouth and prevent future problems where possible.

Using this two pronged approach of dentist and hygienist means that when problems are spotted they can be treated quickly with minimal intervention.

Call to book your dental and hygienist examination at Tavistock Drive Dental Care on 0115 9602717.

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