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Halitosis is ruining my life!


Does this sound familiar? Or maybe you have a friend or colleague with this embarrassing problem but you are too scared to broach the subject…read on. 

Discussing the problem of bad breath or halitosis is never easy and it is a subject often referred to with derision or in poor humour. 

Around 1 in 4 people suffer from halitosis to some extent, and due to the negative response to the condition, halitosis can often have a major influence on the way people lead their lives. 

Ninety percent of all cases of halitosis have been found to originate as a result of poor dental hygiene.  The bad odour being caused by the breakdown of food debris and substrates that are left between the teeth and gums or on the surface of the tongue.

 It is really important to have a good oral hygiene regime as part of your everyday routine. 

Brush your teeth and gums thoroughly twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste and be sure to floss daily.  Don’t forget to clean your tongue by gently brushing or the use of a tongue cleaner.  Other habits such as sticking to a healthy balanced diet, reducing sugary and strong flavoured food and drinks will help.

 Always visit your dentist regularly, then areas where your cleaning is not as effective as it could be can be discussed and you can get advice on the best methods to use to ensure your mouth is as clean as you can possibly make it!

 If you have ever suffered from this condition or known a person who has then you will have noticed the embarrassment or frustration sufferers experience.  This often leads to changes in personal behaviours, such as covering the mouth when speaking or avoiding social activities, which can greatly reduce the quality of life.  The psychological effect can even lead to more serious problems like depression. 

There are lots of reasons for bad breath or halitosis.  Some of these include poor dental habits and an unhealthy lifestyle, eating strongly flavoured foods, smoking and heavy alcohol consumption.  Some medical conditions or diseases in the nasal cavity and mouth can also cause bad breath.

If you want to give your confidence a boost call us today and book an appointment with a dental surgery that makes your oral health a priority.






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