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Data Protection and Your Dental Surgery

As many of you are no doubt aware many new rules and regulations have been introduced throughout the Dental industry.

These changes are designed to protect members of the public by ensuring consistency in practices.

As a part of the changes currently being implemented it is now necessary to ensure that we adhere to Data Protection Guidelines.

In practice this means we cannot discuss any aspect of your care or your personal information with any other person except as necessary to facilitate your care without a completed authority from you.

Many families have found this change to be difficult to understand as previously one person has telephoned to arrange an appointment, cancel appointments or even discuss estimates. The best way to understand this change in practice is to consider the access other people have to your bank account? your healthcare now falls into the same level of protection against unauthorised access.

All of these changes are implemented with your protection in mind.

Effectively this means that all adults are responsible for their own appointments and payments and if you wish to allow another person to do this on your behalf you need to give us a written authority.

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