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Corsodyl – Using Antiseptic Mouthwash Without Prescription

Many people use an Antiseptic Mouthwash regularly without ever having being prescribed it as a necessary part of their oral hygiene routine!  The belief that it is a preventative measure in the fight against mouth infections, bad breath and even cavities is often misguided.

Recent articles appeared in the media regarding the potential dangers of usage by healthy people with no gum or tooth infections.  Scientists have condemned the widespread use of these antiseptic mouthwashes by healthy people.

Antiseptic Mouthwashes contain active ingredients which can be harmful to your general health if not used correctly as advised by your Dentist, Hygienist or GP.  These active ingredients can increase the risk of stroke or heart attack scientists are now warning.

Swilling the mouthwashes around kills off the ‘good’ bacteria, when tested healthy volunteers who used Corsodyl (a brand which contains powerful antiseptic) results showed their blood pressure rose within hours!

Even relatively small increses in blood pressure have significant impact on morbitity and mortality rates from stroke and heart disease. 

Heart Disease and Stroke are the biggest killers in Britian.

Scientists are not telling people to stop using these products, but giving a clear message that these products should only be used if prescribed by your Dentist, Hygienist or GP to assist in your treatment for gum or tooth infection.

If you are using Antiseptic Mouthwashes it is important to check with your Dentist or Hygienist whether this is necessary.  A good oral hygiene routine, regular examinations, hygienist treatments, brushing teeth twice daily, using interdental aids, and using a tongue cleaner are often all that you require.

If you wish to book your appointment to ensure your oral hygiene is being taken care of everyday then we are the surgery to call.  Your wellbeing and care is our priority!

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