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In the majority of cases a small headed medium textured toothbrush and flouride toothpaste are the best tools to use.

You should aim to thoroughly remove plaque from your teeth (and dentures if you wear them), by brushing for 2 minutes twice a day and replace toothbrushes at least every 3 months.

To clean between your teeth use interdental brushes, tape or floss at least once every day.  Our dentists and hygienists will recommend the best products.

Electric toothbrushes are very effective for removing plaque and are also ideal for people who find it difficult to grip a manual toothbrush handle.

Cut down on how often you have sugary food and drinks – check food labels to try and lower the amount of sugar consumed.

Chew sugar free chewing gum after meals for 20 minutes to stimulate saliva in your mouth which neutralise plaque acids.

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