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Electric toothbrushes are the most effective for removing plaque and are also ideal for people who find it difficult to grip a manual toothbrush handle.

You should thoroughly remove plaque from your teeth (and dentures if you wear them) by brushing for 2 minutes at least twice a day and do not rinse out with water as this removes more of the fluoride.

You need a small headed medium texture toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

To clean between your teeth use inter dental brushes, and or floss, at least once every day.  Your hygienist will recommend the best product to suit you as there are different sizes of inter dental brushes.

Cut down on how often you have sugary food and drinks.  If you do have these, consume them with your regular meals and try and avoid snacking on sweet things between meals.

To check how effectively you are removing plaque from your teeth use a Disclosing Tablet after your usual brushing. This will stain any remaining plaque with a harmless dye showing you any areas which need closer attention.

A further brushing will remove the stained plaque.

Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly.

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