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Chronic Disease and Links to Dental Health

In the UK some 43% of adults are suffering Periodontitis to some degree!

It is the most common inflammatory disease in adults (Inflammation of the gums), and poor oral hygiene is a strong indicator of chronic health problems.

Research suggests Periodontitis may be linked to other chronic health problems, such as atheroscelerotic vascular disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Your dentist and hygienist play an important role in helping you to prevent or control Periodontitis.

Early detection of Gingivitis or Periodontitis help your dentist and hygienist to ensure you receive the best care whilst in the surgery, but more importantly you are provided with the information and instructions on the best way to maximise your oral healthcare at home.

Regular reviews of your progress and concerns allow you to work closely with the dentist and hygienist to ensure you are happy and achieving the desired results!

It is not just about preventing you from dental health problems your dentist and hygienist are looking to help you prevent further health problems if at all possible!

With a Periodontal Specialist and Hygiene Therapists on site we are able to offer you an in- house treatment and preventative care programme without the need to refer you to a specialist.  Saving you time, travel and inconvenience whilst monitoring your long term progress!

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