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Bruxism (teeth grinding)and your Dental Health

Many people grind or clench their teeth occasionally without causing any harm, but when this grinding (Bruxism) happens regularly teeth can be damaged and other oral health problems can arise.

Often teeth grinding (Bruxism) can be triggered by stress or anxiety, although an abnormal bite, missing or crooked teeth can also be the cause!

People are often unaware of the fact that they grind their teeth as it most often happens whilst you are sleeping.

Waking up with a dull contant headache or a tender and painful jaw are definate symptoms of grinding (bruxism).

In some instances chronic (regular) tooth grinding (Bruxism) can result in broken, fractured or loose teeth and can lead even the tooth loss. Chronic grinding will wear the teeth down leaving only stumps where once healthy teeth were. When this occurs bridges, crowns, root canal treatment, implants, partial dentures or full dentures may be needed.

Not only can severe grinding (Bruxism) damage the teeth and result in tooth loss, it may also affect your jaw and your jaw joints (cause or worsen Temporo-mandibular joint disease) and can even lead to hearing loss! All this as well as the appearance of your face can be altered.

See your dentist as quickly as possible if you notice any of the symptoms or any changes in the appearance of your teeth…you may save yourself alot of pain, time and money!

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