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Are you suffering from Dental Erosion?

Dental Erosion is a condition where tooth enamel is lost as a result of acid attack. Enamel is the hard surface on the outside of the tooth that protects the dentine underneath. If the enamel wears away and the dentine becomes exposed you may esperience pain and sensitivity.

Some signs of erosion are hollows in the teeth, the wearing away of the tooth surface or biting edges. You may also notice a darker yellower colour to the tooth which is the exposed dentine.

Every time you eat or drink something acidic the enamel surface becomes softer for a short while and loses some of the mineral content. The saliva in your mouth works to restore the natural balance in your mouth by slowly neutralising the acid. However if this acid attack is happening too often your mouth does not have time to repair itself and tiny particles of enamel are brushed away. Gradually this results in you losing the surface of your teeth.

You can help yourself try to prevent Dental Erosion by following some simple steps such as:

Limit the amount of acidic and fizzy drinks to mealtimes.

Drinks should be drunk quickly without holding in or swishing around the mouth. You could try using a straw to help drinks go straight to the back of the mouth avoiding prolonged contact with your teeth.

Finish your meals with cheese or a drink of milk to help neutralise the acid.

Chew sugar-free gum to encourage more saliva and help cancel out the acids.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a small headed brush. medium to soft bristles and flouride toothpaste.

Wait at least an hour after eating or drinking anything acidic to brush your teeth as this allows time for your teeth to build up their mineral content again.

Do not rinse your mouth after brushing.

With regular check ups your dentist can help you to identify any problems and prevent problems from getting any worse.

Call today and book an appointment with Tavistock Drive Dental Care where we pride ourselves on offering the best care for long term oral health and maintenance of your teeth.

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