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Anticoagulants and your Dental Treatment

If you are taking an anticoagulant this can make it difficult for your blood to clot. Therefore if you are having some types of dental treatment such as an extraction of a tooth it can cause you to blled more easily and for longer than other patients.

When you book an appointment for treatment you will be asked to have an extra blood test just before the treatment date. This is to ensure that you do not bleed too much during the treatment.

It is important that you attend for this blood test because your dentist will need up to date information about how your blood clots and whether or not it is adviseable to proceed with the treatment on the appointment date.

Patients are often surprised that the dentist will not go ahead without the up to date reading but this is to ensure your safety and comfort whilst in the practice and a swift recovery at home.

We pride ourselves on keeping you safe at all times whilst you are attending the surgery for a routine appointment or for treatment.

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