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Alcohol and your Dental Health

Alcohol especially when combined with a smoking habit is one of the primary risk factors associated with oro-pharyngeal cancer particulary in people over 50.

The misuse of alcohol will affect gingival recession and periodontal attachment loss.  Misuse can be in the form of binge drinking or the regular consumption of alcohol above the recommended weekly units (21 units for men and 14 units for women).

Once drinking becomes an issue (alcohol dependence) then more serious concerns arise.  Changes in personal care habits such as oral hygiene often becomes  neglected and the oral condition becomes unstable and begins to deteriorate.

Patients at this practice are asked to provide information on alcohol intake levels as a routine part of their medical histories.  This information is confidential and is used only to ensure you are given the best care at all times.

It is not our intention to challenge or embarrass you about your alcohol consumption levels.  We do however endevour to educate our patients to understand healthy intake levels and the impact of alcohol on oral hygiene.

It is also really important for us to have a good understanding of your levels of consumption as this can impact on any medications you are prescribed , and also on the risks associated with your dental treatments.

Our priority is ensuring we protect our patients health and safety at all times whilst in the surgery.

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