January 9th, 2019

Crowns can be an ideal solution to improve the look of your teeth after damage or decay. They may be used to strengthen heavily filled or broken teeth, after a root filling or to hold a bridge or denture in place.

Crowns are made from a variety of materials which the dentists at Tavistock Drive Dental Care will advise you on before treatment. Crowns are made to match as closely as possible to the colour of your existing teeth.

You would need at least two appointments – the first for the preparation and the second, about two weeks later, for the fitting.  You will have a temporary crown whilst waiting for the new one.

If you would like to know more please contact us at 1 Tavistock Drive, Mapperley Park, NG3 5DU on 0115 9602717.


January 2nd, 2019

Life is getting back to normal after our Christmas break and all our staff at Tavistock Drive Dental Care would like to wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Our opening times are as usual and we look forward to seeing you for your check ups and hygienist visits at some stage during 2019.

If you have any dental problems please call us on 0115 9602717.


December 19th, 2018

Just a reminder that our opening hours will be different over the Christmas period, but cover is in place for emergencies.

On week days (but not Bank Holidays) please call the usual number 0115 9602717 and someone will answer or we will call back within 24 hours.

If you need urgent help for severe dental pain when we are closed at the week ends or Bank Holidays, please ring NEDS 07769 935142, or NHS 111 for advice.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, Tavistock Drive Dental Care.


December 12th, 2018

The staff at Tavistock Drive Dental Care wish all our patients a very Happy Christmas and healthy New Year.

We hope not to see you over the festive period, because if we do it means you are in need of emergency treatment!

No one wants to be in pain in the holiday season, but if you are suffering please call the practice on 0115 9602717, or see our previous posts on who to contact in an emergency.

Tavistock Drive Dental Care.


December 3rd, 2018

Emergency appointments during the Christmas period will only be available to people who already attend the practice.  We will have cover in place from 24th December to 1st January 2019.  It may be possible to get an appointment on the same day depending on availability, but you are welcome to leave a message on our answerphone and we will get back to you within 24 hours. However – if you call wanting an appointment on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, or the weekend when we would normally be closed anyway – there will be alternative cover through N.E.D.S on 0115 9420 878.

If you prefer, you can always go to the Nottingham Walk-in Centre.

If you have moved locality – register with a new dentist to give you peace of mind and book in for regular check ups so emergencies are as infrequent as possible!

Tavistock Drive Dental Care. NG3 5DU. 0115 9602717

Christmas Opening Hours 2019

November 21st, 2018

It is now only four weeks to Christmas and we will not be booking appointments over the festive period but we will be covering emergencies.

Our opening hours will be;

Monday 24th Dec. 7.45 – 5.30  Call 0115 9602717

Christmas Day – CLOSED

Boxing Day – CLOSED

Thursday 27th  8.30 – 5.30 Covered by Holly Tree House Dental Practice 0115 962 2882

Friday 28th -  8.15 – 1pm

Monday 31st 8.15 – 5.30pm

New Year’s Day – CLOSED

On the Bank Holidays and weekends patients can call Nottingham Emergency Dental Services – NEDS. 484 Derby Road, Nottingham NG7 2GT

NEDS  will charge for this service.

We hope not to see you over Christmas! But wish you all a very happy time and look forward to seeing you in 2019.

Tavistock Drive Dental Care. NG3 5DU

PARTY SEASON – Look Your Best.

November 14th, 2018

Do you want to have a whiter, brighter smile and look your best this party season?  Now is the time to book in for your treatments at Tavistock Drive Dental Care.

Whitening Treatments and Wrinkle Softening can give you a younger, fresher and more glamorous appearance just in time for the Christmas Season.

We also offer at Home Tooth Whitening, you could whiten your smile by 8 – 10 shades.  A whiter smile is not only attractive but also boosts your self confidence.

You might wish to consider softening a few wrinkles?  At Tavistock Drive Dental Care we also offer Wrinkle Softening and Dermal Fillers. With competitive prices a smooth complexion and refreshed face is easier to achieve than you could ever imagine.

Call today on 0115 9602717 and book your treatment appointment.


November 7th, 2018

About a year ago we opened up Thursday mornings in order to offer more hygienist appointments as they were becoming hard to find.

At the moment we are more likely to be able to fit you in within 2 weeks rather than six to eight weeks, which is a great improvement.

As Christmas is fast approaching and most of us want to look and feel at our best – make sure you book your hygienist appointment in good time.

Call Tavistock Drive Dental Care on 0115 9602717!

Mouth Cancer

October 31st, 2018

At Tavistock Drive Dental Care our routine examinations also include a mouth cancer detection check and we are quick to react to any unusual signs or symptoms that could indicate mouth cancers: mouth ulcers that don’t heal in 3 weeks, red and white patches and unusual lumps or swelling in your mouth.

If in doubt get checked out. Ask your Dentist, Doctor or Pharmacist.

For more information visit

If you wish to book an examination call our friendly reception staff today on 0115 9602717.


October 24th, 2018

It is a good habit to get into for parents to bring their children to the dentist from an early age. This prepares them for future visits, the earlier the visits begin the more relaxed the children will be. You should then take them for regular check ups as often as the dentist recommends.

Cleaning your child’s teeth should be a part of their daily routine and should begin as soon as the first teeth start to come through.

Try to limit sugary or acidic food and drinks to mealtimes only and if you want to give your child a snack try to stick to cheese, vegetables and fresh fruit.

It is important to supervise the cleaning until your child is at least seven. Once all of the teeth have come through use a small-headed soft toothbrush in small circular movements concentrating on one area at a time. Remember to brush behind teeth and onto the gums. Make tooth brushing a routine in the morning and last thing before your child goes to bed.

Always encourage your child and praise them for cleaning their teeth.  If you start to do this from their first tooth appearing the child will expect it and let you check without too much fuss!  Your dentist will show you how if you are unsure, so please ask.

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