June 19th, 2017

If you have a special birthday or a wedding coming up don’t forget that your teeth need to look their best too.

Don’t feel embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth when introduced to new people, or friends you haven’t seen for years.

Old dental work or discoloured teeth can add on years,  so book an appointment for advice on how to improve your smile – and confidence!

Often a simple case of teeth whitening can have a huge effect on your looks, but you may wish or consider having  old crowns or bridgework replaced?

Call us at Tavistock Drive Dental Care today, to book your consultation with one of our highly experienced dentists.

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When Should A Child Start Seeing A Dentist?

May 31st, 2017

It is important for carers to bring their children to the Dentist as soon as possible, bring them along with you for the first time and get them used to coming.   This prepares them for future visits, the earlier the visits begin the more relaxed the children will be.  You should then take them for regular check ups as often as the Dentist recommends, usually every 3-6 months.

Cleaning your child’s teeth should be a part of their daily hygiene routine and should begin as soon as the first teeth start to come through.

Try to limit sugary or acidic food and drinks to mealtimes only and if you want to give your child a snack stick to cheese, vegetables and healthy alternatives.

It is important to supervise cleaning until your child is at least seven.  Once all of the teeth have come through use a small-headed soft toothbrush in small circular movements concentrating on one area at a time.  Remember to brush behind teeth and onto the gums.  If you can make tooth brushing a routine in the morning and last thing before your child goes to bed this will become a good habit.

Always encourage your child and praise them as this will often get results.

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May 15th, 2017

If you experience toothache and are not registered with a dentist it can be a struggle to find a practice who can offer you an emergency appointment.

Many people are worried about going to the dentist due to cost or being nervous.  Our aim at Tavistock Drive Dental Care is to help you overcome nerves and fears.

As a valued patient of our practice you would be given an urgent appointment the same day wherever possible.

By registering with the practice we are able to assess your needs.   We advise you on how often to attend for routine examinations and possibly hygienist appointments,  allowing us to work with you to keep your oral health in the best condition.

We also offer Denplan Essentials, a monthly payment scheme to help budget for routine appointments.  It enables you to spread the cost to make budgeting more manageable (any treatment identified at the initial examination must be completed before you can begin a Denplan scheme).

Call us today on 0115 9602717 and register to become one of our valued patients.


May 8th, 2017

We often get asked about pricing for crowns and bridgework, but some people do not realise that these are not always the only options available.

At Tavistock Drive Dental Care our main concern is preserving our patient’s teeth for as long as possible.

There are many solutions available for improving your smile.

Simple methods can often save you from having unnecessary work and save money.

Call us today and let us give you the best advice and care for your teeth.

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April 20th, 2017

We are pleased to welcome Patrycja, the latest addition to our team.

Patrycja is training to be a dental surgery assistant and is working with our hygienists, although she is a trained hygienist herself with a qualification from Poland.  We hope she stays with us a long time so our patients get the continuity of service we like to provide.

Tavistock Drive Dental Care. Mapperley Park 0115 9602717.


April 5th, 2017

We have opened up more Thursday mornings in order to offer more hygienist appointments, as they were becoming hard to find.

At the moment we are more likely to be able to fit you in within 2 weeks rather than six to eight weeks, which is a great improvement.

So if you would like a spring clean in your mouth call Tavistock Drive Dental Care on 0115 9602717!


March 29th, 2017

The latest staff member to join our team is leaving at the end of March and we are again interviewing for a new nurse to work with our hygienists. We wish Hayley all the best in her new job.

We are pleased to welcome back Jacquie,  our hygienist who has been off since January and want to give a very big thank you to the 3 temporary staff who covered for her.

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March 13th, 2017

Periodontal disease is inflammation of the tissues which support teeth and attach them to the jaw. The disease occurs in three stages Gingivitis, Periodontitis and Advanced Periodontitis.

Gingivitis – plaque and bacteria cause the gums to become red and swollen and bleed easily. Small pockets occur where plaque invades the space between the tooth and gum.  Good oral care and visits to the hygienist are usually enough to restore healthy gums.

Periodontitis – over time and left untreated, the disease spreads below the gum line and inflammation reaches the bone causing deeper pockets and bone loss.  Treatment at this stage is aimed at preventing further damage.

Advanced Periodontitis – as the bone is destroyed teeth become loose and the pockets become deeper, abscesses can occur.   The gum may shrink and part of the root is exposed.  Periodontitis can reach the advanced stages without causing pain.

It is important to visit the dentist regularly for advice on how to look after your teeth and gums.

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February 27th, 2017

Tooth sensitivity can be caused by too vigorous brushing of the teeth which can lead to dentine exposure and damage to the gums.   The symptoms are pain and discomfort, usually when eating or drinking cold or sweet substances.  If you think you suffer from this call us at Tavistock Drive Dental Care and we will discuss the correct treatment and maintenance programme with you.  We may also suggest a visit to our hygienist who will advise on how to clean your teeth to avoid further damage.

Tavistock Drive Dental Care, 0115 9602717.  Mapperley Park NG3 5DU.


February 22nd, 2017

One of our hygienists is off work for a few months, so we have employed two temporary qualified hygienists to cover the appointments.

Unfortunately one of our temporary cover hygienists is also having time off due to illness, so we apologise again for any inconvenience caused.  We will do are best to provide further appointments wherever possible and have opened up more Thursday mornings to meet the demand.

We hope our service continues to run as smoothly as possible during this period and we wish our regular hygienist a speedy recovery and hope she is back with us as soon as possible.

Thank you to all our patients for your understanding in this matter, but if you have any queries about your treatment please contact us at Tavistock Drive Dental Care. 0115 9602717. | Ecommerce technology agency