July 15th, 2019

We are looking for a new dental nurse to work with our hygienists – it is a part-time post of 23.12 hours a week.

We are looking for someone who is dedicated and ready to be part of a team to keep the excellent standards our patients expect.

You would not necessarily have to be qualified, but this would be an advantage, training would be given but you would need to be enrolled on a dental nurse training programme.

For more details call us on 0115 9602717.


June 28th, 2019

Fighting the build up of plaque is a constant battle.

Every time you eat or drink, the PH level in your saliva is changed causing an ‘acid attack’ which increases your risk of dental decay.  Along with food debris becoming trapped between the teeth, you can see problems could occur if teeth are not cleaned thoroughly.

Patients often only realise the seriousness of a problem when it is too late.  Many people ignore the visible signs of Plaque or Calculus on their teeth.  Even bleeding whilst brushing teeth fails to alert them that something is wrong because the initial stages of gum disease are usually painless!

Interdental cleaning is an important part of your Oral Hygiene routine and yet many adults ignore this very important step in maintaining good oral health.

In truth brushing alone is simply not enough!  Interdental aids such as dental floss and inter-dental brushes really help to keep your teeth in the best condition.

Effective cleaning to reduce plaque reduces the risk of developing gingivitis (the initial stage of gum disease).

Here at Tavistock Drive Dental Care we believe in preventative care where possible.  The dentists and hygienists work closely together to show you the best methods for keeping your mouth clean and healthy.

Call Tavistock Drive Dental Care on 0115 9602717 and book an appointment and ensure you keep your mouth healthy for years to come.


June 18th, 2019

Many people do not have enough room in their mouth for thirty two teeth. The four wisdom teeth are the last to develop, usually between the ages of 18-22.  If there is insufficient room for a wisdom tooth to fully erupt it can become impacted, often leading to soreness because food gets trapped.  When areas in the mouth are difficult to clean properly decay can set in so extracting the tooth will prevent further problems.   If the tooth develops fully without any problems then no action is needed, any discomfort whilst the tooth is erupting  will disappear.  If gums become sore then a mouthwash of hot water with a teaspoon of salt in will help.  (Test the hot water with your finger to make sure it is not too hot.)   If the pain does not ease after a few days, make an appointment to see your dentist for advice.

Tavistock Drive Dental Care. 0115 9602717.


June 10th, 2019

We can help you overcome your nerves with our sensitive and caring approach to dentistry.

Many people have been recommended to the practice by family or friends who have been extremely happy with the services we offer and the standard of dentistry they have received.

If you need to see a dentist but are worried, contact the surgery and we will explain the procedure and how the dentist works.

The Initial Examination appointment lasts up to 40 minutes and gives us the opportunity to get to know you and to discuss all options for treatment. This could be treatment that you need or just a regular check up and advice that gives you peace of mind.

If you don’t need any treatment then the Dental Surgeon will just advise you on how often you need routine examinations and possibly hygienist visits.

You will be provided with a with a full written estimate of the cost for completing your treatment.

You then have the opportunity to book treatment appointments or take the estimate away to consider it in your own time.

An initial examination fee of £50 is payable on booking (X Rays charged separately on the day).

**All of our treatment is offered on a private basis.

Register today in person or over the telephone and let us help you to achieve the smile you have always dreamt about.


June 4th, 2019

We carried out a random satisfaction survey in May 2019 and the results were very positive.

The majority of people were personally recommended to come to the practice which we are extremely pleased about.

This means our patients must be happy with the treatment they are receiving and willing to tell their friends and family about us.

If you need a new dentist then give us a call and come have a chat with us, our staff are happy to help.

Tavistock Drive Dental Care, NG3 5DU. Tel. 0115 9602717.


May 28th, 2019

Root Canal Treatment is a routine dental procedure. (RCT)

RCT is needed when the nerve of a tooth is damaged.  This can happen because of decay, infection or injury and may lead to a dental abscess.

If RCT is not carried out the infection could spread and you may end up losing the tooth.

Treatment usually involves  local anaesthetic and will feel no different to having an ordinary filling, although it will involve 2 or more visits to your dentist.

At the first appointment the dentist cleans out the root canal (the space in the centre of the tooth) and shapes it in preparation for the filling.  The dentist will place a temporary filling in the tooth and then leave it to settle down.

At the next appointment the dentist will check whether the infection has cleared and may clean the canals again if there is any infection remaining.

When the infection has completely cleared the dentist will replace with a permanent filling.

You may need to have the tooth restored with a crown to give it extra strength and support.

There may be some tenderness in the area afterwards and this will usually subside within 7 to 10 days.

Root treated teeth should be looked after in exactly the same way as other teeth.

It is important to ask your dentist to explain your options fully, before deciding upon the right treatment for yourself.  You need to understand the pro’s and con’s.

At Tavistock Drive Dental Care we provide you with all of the treatment options and give you a full written estimate for the cost.

Contact us on 0115 9602717 if you would like further information.


May 15th, 2019

We have a new member of staff, mainly working with our hygienists.

Abi is not yet qualified, so we hope our patients will  understand and make allowances as she gets to know everything.

Abi will also be working with Dr. Stead one day a week, to help her with her training course and give her a wider experience of treatments.

Tavistock Drive Dental Care. 0115 9602717.


May 8th, 2019

At Tavistock Drive Dental Care we pride ourselves on the care we give our patients and the quality of dentistry our patients receive.

If you have a friend or relative looking for a good honest dentist then look no further, do them a favour and recommend us.

With many of our patients coming to the surgery on recommendation of an existing patient we hope that is a good enough reason to give us a try.

All of our Adult Care is provided on a private basis and it is easy to register.

Ring the surgery or call in to reception to book the Initial Examination which lasts up to 40 minutes and costs £45.00 (payable on booking) any x rays are charged at £16.00 on the day of the examination and a full written estimate is always provided before any treatment begins.

We explain all of the treatment options available to you clearly and allow you to decide on which options are best to suit your needs. You have the opportunity to discuss the options and ask any questions of the dentist at this appointment, so that you can make an informed decision on how you wish to proceed.

As we take pride in the service we offer we do not try to pressure you into having any treatment – the final decision is yours.

Contact our friendly helpful reception team on 01159602717 today for more information or to register and take the first step toward ensuring your smile is as well maintained as possible.


May 1st, 2019

Many people suffer from sensitive teeth which can mean anything from getting a slight twinge to having severe discomfort that can continue for several hours.

Sensitivity can start at any time and can be an early warning of a more serious dental problem.

Some causes of sensitivity may be:

Toothbrush abrasion – caused by brushing too hard
Dental erosion – a loss of tooth enamel caused by acidic food and drinks
Gum recession – gums can naturally recede exposing the roots of the tooth
Gum disease – where tartar and the build up of plaque cause gums to recede and can destroy the support of a tooth
Grinding your teeth – a habit which can damage the enamel of the tooth
A cracked tooth or filling

Using a sensitive toothpaste twice a day to brush your teeth may ease the pain of sensitive teeth.

If you would like more help or advice on sensitivity then contact the surgery and make an appointment to discuss this with your dentist.

Tavistock Drive Dental Care. 0115 9602717.


April 15th, 2019

With the cost of living soaring is it time you considered having a dental payment plan to cover the cost of your dental care?

For a regular amount each month you could cover the cost of all examinations, hygienist sessions and x-rays, allowing you to make your appointments at a time convenient to yourself and not just dependent on pay dates and monthly budgeting.

The Denplan scheme (now called Simplyhealth), offered within the pracice can be set up quickly and easily.

All you need to do is check with your dentist that there are no current problems which need treatment.

If you are interested in finding out more then ask your dentist for the options available to you at your next visit.

Please note: The scheme does not cover existing conditions requiring treatment.

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